Tyre Shredding Blades From Ground Flat Stock

Ground Flat Stock manufactures a range of Industrial Machine Knives. 

Small 5.5kW Granulator well suited for light plastics.

Small 7.5kW Granulator well suited for light plastics.

Each of the tyre shredder blades thinness ranges from 25mm-152mm based on the metallic must crush, output, final item.

The distinctive machine design along with the variable cutting gap make an optimal separation of rubber and steel fractions once the machine is utilized with 20-millimeter screen.


Large plastic components particularly, including drums, pipes and auto bumpers, represent a major challenge for those machines. The S120 and S150 series are especially suited to shredding when no particular granule size requires to be achieved.

Fully refurbished and tested ahead of the sale.

Special cutters are obtainable for specific applications.

More than 300 unique cutters are obtainable for special requirements.

We have a wide variety of different rotor and blade geometries which you are able to select based on your requirements. These can be either high or very low-speed machines, agreeing with the form of material they can be intended for. Based on various materials, we design the distinctive blades with various hooks.

The blades on each machine were created for economical maintenance and could be easily changed daily. And can to ensure there is a superb blade work, disassembly, and simple to maintenance. And can to ensure there is an excellent blade within the work, disassembly, and simple to maintenance.


Ground Flat Stock cutters are produced from a significant strength alloy tool steels that’s hardened to 60 HRC. All cutting discs have the identical diameter and thickness. This head includes individual tungsten carbide (TC) inserts.

Whether for lead drums to aluminum sections we’ll pick the right cutter meet your own needs conditioned upon the material, form and nature of the metallic parts or composite materials that should be shredded.

With a machine capacity that goes about 250mm  x 4000mm, Ground Flat Stock manufacturing is performed using the latest CNC machinery together with conventional heavy-duty precision grinding machines, and state of the art heat treatment facilities, enabling full control of all operations concerned. With contemporary installations, we are also capable of manufacturing and supplying other bespoke components as per drawings or samples. A complete regrind and sharpening service tidies up the whole spectrum of value-additions to clients.

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